Another 12 customer service points of Šiaulių Bankas open their doors to customers

With the softer quarantine conditions, from May 11, Šiaulių Bankas resumes the activities of 12 more customer service points. In total, there are 52 customer service points operating throughout the country.

In the customer service points, clients can carry out all the usual financial transactions as well as consult on assistance aids for those affected by the pandemic.

From Monday, customers will be able to come to Šiaulių Bankas units without pre-registration by phone, however the allowed number of people in the premises is limited. Besides, the customers must keep to safety distance requirements, wear masks, respirators, or other face protection pieces.

Although the quarantine requirements are gradually easing, Šiaulių Bankas encourages customers to manage their financial affairs remotely - to use e-banking, to perform cash transactions at  ATMs, and in case of questions - to contact the consultants of the customer service centre by phone.

Following the announcement of quarantine, most of the bank's customer service points have been suspended as a precautionary measure, and currently a total of 41 out of 60 bank units serve the customers.

From May 11, the following units of the bank will open their doors again:

Business hours of the units operating during the quarantine time are available here.