Assistance in financial difficulties

We do understand that financial difficulties are not easy to anticipate, therefore we offer private clients of Šiaulių Bankas a temporary solution that will help to get on their feet.

least one third of their monthly income;

you may apply to us for a temporary grace period for your credit payments in accordance with the laws and regulations of the Bank.

Please look at the possible grace period for each type of credit:

Credit type

Grace period

Mortgage credit

Up to 6 months

Real estate credit

Up to 6 months

Car leasing

Up to 6 months

Consumer credit

Up to 3 months

Please note! Such grace period is only a temporary solution, therefor, please self-evaluate your situation or consult with a bank expert about the need to defer payments.

Terms and tips

How long to defer payments for?

Contact the bank first. Each situation is analysed individually, and solutions are tailored to the client's needs and situation.

Remember, this is a temporary solution, as the deferred amount will be split for the remaining period of the agreement, increasing future instalments or extending the agreement term.

Will I be able to pay nothing during entire grace period?

No, you would not have to pay credit instalments during the grace period, but you are supposed to pay credit interest. You can see what part of monthly instalment is paid as interest on your online banking or in the payment schedule which was provided in line with the agreement (if you have a consumer credit or leasing agreement), or by calling 1813.

How will credit deferral be reflected in my credit history?

If you meet all of the terms applicable to deferred payments, the grace period does not affect your credit history.

When should I address the bank?

As soon as you suspect that you may be in financial difficulties. Even if you currently have no financial difficulties, but are aware of, for example, planned downtime, redundancies, financial difficulties of your employer, etc., you should better consult in advance. The sooner you address, the more are chances of finding a mutually acceptable solution.

How to address the bank?

First of all, contact us in the most convenient way - by calling 1813 (+370 37 301337 for calls from abroad), emailing to or contacting via online banking.

You can apply for a grace period in writing by sending an e-mail to

or via inline banking. Please specify the reason in your application which you are applying for and, if possible, evidence of loss of job, loss of income or other reasons.

Please note that credit payments should be made until you have received confirmation that your request for grace period has been approved.

Please be reminded that you can sign applications by means of Dokobit.

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