Regarding amendments to the organization of the General Meeting of Shareholders

In the context of the quarantine regime, Šiaulių bankas has announced amendments to the general meeting of shareholders to be hold on March 31 this year.

All shareholders can attend the meeting by the only mean provided by law - by filling in the general ballot paper and submitting it in advance to the Bank.

The shareholder or his/her authorized representative shall vote in advance in writing as follows:

Way 1.

Fill out the voting ballot form, save it on his/her computer, and sign it with a qualified electronic signature specifying the Bank as the participant (receiver) by e-mail address Information HOW TO SIGN A DOCUMENT FOR THE BANK ON THE DOKOBIT PORTAL is provided below.

Way 2.

If you have any questions

Do not hesitate to contact us by:


Using the Dokobit portal you can create an electronic document, sign it with a qualified electronic siganture and submit it to the other party (to Šiaulių Bankas in this case).

Dokobit portal is available at


If You do not have a Docobit account, You will have to register, first.

Choose one of the given identity verification methods:

Choose one of the verification methods, fill in the required details as appropriate, click "Verify" and follow the other steps required for verification, depending on the tool you choose.

Once your identity is verified, enter your email address in designated areas, accept the “Dokobit” Terms of Service, click “Register” and you will be registered and logged in to the portal.

If you already have an account on the portal, log in by choosing one of the login options, fill in the required details accordingly, click on "Login" and follow the other steps required for login, depending on the chosen tool.

You can upload a document for signing by clicking on the "Upload Document" link. The uploaded documents should be in pdf format. The document itself should be uploaded either by dragging it or by clicking the "Upload" link.

Once the document has been successfully uploaded, you will be immediately identified as the signatory. In order for the bank to receive notification of your actions, add to the participants and the bank, indicating the participant, by e-mail Upon request, you can send a message to the bank after activating the appropriate setting and completing the message box.

Click "Verify" after these steps

Double check the uploaded document (by scrolling down the window).

To sign a document, at the bottom of the website page (section “4. Actions”) choose one of the given signature methods, enter the required fields, click “Sign” and finish the action accordingly to your chosen method.

After performing all signing steps You will see a signed document. You can download the signed document to your computer by clicking “Download the signed document” button at the bottom of the page in section “4. Actions”.

The Bank will automatically receive information about you signing the document, therefore there is no need to send the signed document additionally.

After the document is signed, the Bank will proceed with ordering the product/service. We recommend you to download and store signed document on your computer. More information about e-signature and “Dokobit” portal can be found here.

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