Payment cards will be delivered to customers by mail and free of charge

Dear customers,

For your convenience - we will deliver payment cards free of charge by mail in Lithuania. Only those customers who have a valid online banking service can order a new payment card or replace it after expiry. You can order a payment card by logging to your online banking or by calling us at 1813 (when ordering a debit card). In order to receive a card that has already been made and delivered to the unit by mail, please contact us by tel. 1813 or submit a free form request via online banking, indicating the address where you would like to receive the card.

Please also be reminded that we encourage you to remotely handle your financial affairs and not to visit customer service points. If you still need to come to the customer service point urgently, please call us by tel. 1813 (calling from abroad +370 37 301 337) before your visit.

Let’s follow the safety recommendations and keep each other safe.

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