Šiaulių Bankas is expanding the possibilities of instant payments

From July 21, Šiaulių Bankas’ clients can make instant payments in euros to other banks that are connected to the instant payment system. Funds are transferred to the beneficiary's account immediately around the clock, including weekends and public holidays.

"From now on, our bank's clients can use all instant payment options: not only receive money instantly, but also transfer it to an account in another bank. I believe that the obvious advantages of instant payments will encourage residents to use electronic payments even more”, said Andrius Kamarauskas, Director of the Daily Banking Department of Šiaulių Bankas.

Clients can submit an instant payment order using the bank's Internet bank. After logging in to your Internet bank account, select "New payment" in the "Payments" menu item, fill in the payee's account details and in the "Payment priority" field select "Instant".

If the amount of instant payment exceeds 100 thousand euros the funds will be transferred via the SEPA credit transfer service. Funds will be transferred via the SEPA credit transfer also in cases where the beneficiary's bank does not make it possible for its clients to receive instant payment orders.

Instant payments will cost clients the same as regular SEPA credit transfers. Instant payments made and received are included in the monthly fee for service plans, so clients will not have to pay extra for it.