You are welcome to update the mobile application of Šiaulių Bankas

Please be informed that from 01/07/2021, the old mobile application of Šiaulių Bankas will no longer be available, therefore, if you have not tried the updated application yet, we invite you not to delay any longer.

Download the new application from Google Play or the App Store by typing Šiaulių bankas in the search box. You can get acquainted with the functionality of the app by using the DEMO version offered in the login window of the app.

What to expect in the new mobile app of Šiaulių Bankas?

Convenient and secure login

You can login to the new mobile app of Šiaulių Bankas with a Smart-ID or using a mobile signature. You will also be able to create your own four-digit PIN or use the biometric fingerprint login.

Easy to use

The design of the application is tailored so that you can easily find all the information you need. As soon as you login, you see summarized account details, make payments quickly and easily, and receive free app notifications about inflows.

Instant payments

You can make instant payments via the mobile app of Šiaulių Bankas, i.e., the funds are transferred to the beneficiary's account immediately. Payments are made around the clock, including weekends and public holidays, and the maximum amount of instant payment is up to EUR 100,000.

If your smartphone is running an version of the operating system older than Android v5.0 or iOS v9.0, if you do not have the ability to create Smart-ID or mobile signature tools, you are welcome to use the BETA mobile version of the internet bank on your phone.

In case of any queries, do not hesitate to contact us by tel. 1813 (+370 37 301 337 when calling from abroad), e-mail to or visit any customer service point of Šiaulių Bankas.

Šiaulių Bankas