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Export to Exotic Markets: How to Avoid Insolvent Customers?
Export is one of the main engines of the Lithuanian economy. Every year, export performance continues to improve: in 2018 alone, Lithuanian exports grew by 7.3%, and Lithuanian-origin exports grew by 9.8% more than a year ago.
In the digital age, human contact does not lose its meaning
With the rapid development of technology, more and more companies are turning to digital transformation.
Small business can also use the bank's success formula
Asked what the best business strategy is, management expert Michael LeBoef answered: satisfied customers. However, the practical application of business theory rules is not always easy.
In the centre of Kaunas - a modern community house for students
This autumn in the very heart of Kaunas a modern student dormitory -"Solo society" - has opened the door.
Business that started from a compressor and a few balloons
"There’s nothing we could not inflate", - Deimantas Stanevičius, Head of Ponas Balionas introduces the slogan of the company.
The complex manufacturing of gliders has been facilitated by Šiaulių Bankas loan
The only glider factory "Sportinė aviacija ir ko" located in Pociūnai is not facing lack of orders. According to Vytautas Mačiulis, Head of the company, the orders exceed the company's capacity to produce them.
Making a paper cup is more difficult than it seems
When Ronelda, a company that produces disposable paper cups, had just been cosidering the idea of its future business, there were no similar companies in the Baltic States.
Success stories: public sauna to gather the likeminded
The founders of Pirties namai in Kaunas dreamed of a very good sauna and a large community of bathers gathering in it.
Rapid growth - is not always healthy
Speaking about goals, business owners often mention a rapid growth, however, the experts warn that unmeasurable growth can expose small or medium-sized businesses to decease, sometimes - even fatal.
A modern safe box manufacturer investing in an advanced production system
Established in 1991 Seifuva is a modern manufacturing company with long-standing traditions of production, metal processing and metal production.