Alpaca farm area expands in Šiauliai district

Every Šiaulių bankas‘ client has a unique history and specific needs. Our goal is to hear this story and find the best solution for how to contribute.

Farmer Raimondas Neverdauskas grows alpacas near Šiauliai. Having brought these exotic animals by plane from Chile, Raimondas became the first alpaca grower in the area. All is for the exclusive wool of these animals: being six times warmer than sheep's wool, alpaca wool is considered one of the finest. Many want to see and palm the exotic animals. So, Raimondas’ alpacas frequently travel: the farmer takes them to the holidays and exhibitions. This requires the car which can fit large animals. In order to obtain it, the farmer addressed Šiaulių bankas. See Raimondas’ history in the video clip.