Business that started from a compressor and a few balloons

Each client of Šiaulių Bankas has a unique history and specific needs. Our goal is to hear this story and find the best way to contribute to it.

"There’s nothing we could not inflate", - Deimantas Stanevičius, Head of Ponas Balionas introduces the slogan of the company.  The company supplying balloons and balloon decorations for celebrations began with small orders but today it can boast of a much wider range of activities.

"We didn't need much to start our business - just bought the compressors and some balloons. After realizing no longer being able to fulfils all orders with the old equipment, we applied for financing to the bank. Šiaulių Banko  Lizingas provided us with opportunity to acquired balloon silk-screen printing machines, " - says D. Stanevičius.

Watch the story of Ponas Balionas in video.