Driving school, investing in the tests for drivers

Every Šiaulių bankas‘ client has a unique history and specific needs. Our goal is to hear this story and find the best solution for how to contribute.

ARV-AUTO, the driving school operating in Kaunas and Marijampolė, more than a quarter of a century ago has started from a family tradition. “Dad was a driving instructor, and later founded his own company. So we got hooked on this activity and remained there”, says school manager Valdas Šlepikas.

Today, ARV-AUTO is considered one of the best driving schools in Lithuania, every year preparing more than 3000 of new drivers. However, according to V. Šlepikas, simply to provide the driving category is not enough: much more important is to bring up a good driver. So in order to promote the development of its students, the school is trying to improve the learning process. In its autodrome ARV-AUTO installed the single in Kaunas region slippery coating track, so that the drivers can try more complicated driving conditions as well. To make this idea into reality, the company needed a partner. The company has applied to Šiaulių bankas and on favourable terms borrowed funds for its investment.
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