In the centre of Kaunas - a modern community house for students

Each client of Šiaulių Bankas has a unique history and specific needs. Our goal is to hear this story and find the best way to contribute to it.

This autumn in the very heart of Kaunas a modern student dormitory -"Solo society" - has opened  the door. Built by private developers and completely different than it used to be until now: with common rest and leisure spaces and even a sports club.

"We've been developing the idea of community  housing for a long time. This is a modern 21st-century housing for a student where one can feel safe, comfortable and part of the community, "said Domas Dargis, Director General of Eika that  developed the project.

Almost all of the rooms of the modern dormitory are already filled in for this school year and it is expected that there will be no lack of people afterwards.

In Lithuania such a new idea was entrusted  and financed by Šiaulių bankas.
Watch the video for more.