Making a paper cup is more difficult than it seems

Each client of Šiaulių Bankas has a unique history and specific needs. Our goal is to hear their story and find the best way to contribute to it.

When Ronelda, a company that produces disposable paper cups, had just been cosidering the idea of its future business, there were no similar companies in the Baltic States. However, coffee culture has developed well ahead, so it was the right time to take advantage of a favourable market situation.

Although the paper cup looks like a very simple product, it's quite complicated to make it.

"We had to figure out a lot of technical nuances," says Saulius Rudžinskas, the Head of Ronelda. He says that once the business was established, it was important to get to know the market first and understand it. Only then did the company start thinking about the development and addressed Šiaulių Bankas. Šiaulių Bankas has contributed to the history of the company  assisting to acquire the most important equipment for production of cups.