Success stories: harvest throughout the year in the modern greenhouses

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It was a family business. Kęstautas Valevičius, shareholder of Agrošiltnamiiai located on the side of Kėdainiai, says he almost grew up in the greenhouse: he watered cucumbers and helped to oversee the harvest. Later, after finishing the studies himself became a part of an enterprise. Over the nearly thirty years of greenhouses business history, the competitive environment has changed significantly. Traditional greenhouses no longer satisfied the business ambitions.

“It was a critical time, when we had to decide whether to modernize or to close the old greenhouses”, says K. Valevičius. The company chose the path of modernisation.

In just seven months, modern glass house complex, arouse in Šingaliai village near Kėdainiai where cucumbers and tomatoes are harvested all year round. It features advanced technology allowing fully automating the process of growth. The computer-operated devices measure the temperature of the air, calculate how much water the plants need.

Modernisation is impossible without financial investments. This modern glass house complex building project was funded by Šiaulių bankas.
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