Term Deposit Plus Annual Interest Calculator

Term Deposit Plus Annual Interest Calculator

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This calculator is for informational purposes only. At the time of concluding the agreement, the interest rates in force at that time will be applied. Interest is calculated according to the formula: Deposit amount x interest rate / 100 / actual number of days in a year (365 or 366) x 30 (if interest is calculated for an incomplete month, the actual number of days in that month is used instead). The interest amount for the entire deposit period is equal to the sum of interest payable for all months of the period.

Type of deposit – an Irrevocable Term Deposit. Only under special circumstances, it is possible to terminate the deposit agreement before maturity or withdraw part of the deposit without terminating the agreement.

The minimum deposit amount is EUR 100 (USD 100, GBP 100).
Flexible agreement term - from 6 to 60 months.
Time deposits made via the on-line banking with a term of 1 year and more are subject to an interest surcharge of 0.05%.

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