About Us

There are more than 800 employees in Šiaulių Bankas' Group, but we all make one bank and one team.

We believe in partnership and strive for it -  both with colleagues and with clients. Our striving is built on the shared values.

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A dynamic, open and GROWING organization
Achievements that remain in LITHUANIA
Basket of PERSONAL benefits 


  • We are proactive and benevolent which enables us to communicate in a constructive and positive way.
  • We value openness, encourage dialogue, share knowledge and information.
  • We work hand in hand -  as we trust each other we are sure that we will find a solution.
  • We are different: simple and easy to reach, thus, ensuring the exclusivity of the Lithuanian bank.
  • We offer our clients what they really need, we are fast, flexible and professional.
  • We are constantly evolving to keep our operations efficient and our processes clear.
  • We base our relationship on personal attention and tolerance.
  • We respect each other's opinions and beliefs, which enhances our mutual understanding.
  • We always comply with agreements and obligations.
  • We act as if the outcome depended solely on each of us.
  • In the search for innovation, we dare to fail - in order to grow and improve.