Important Documents

The Rules for Granting Shares
Remuneration policy
Conflicts of Interest management policy
Policy for Anti-Corruption and Unacceptable Conduct

General Documents

General service rules
Principle Know Your Customer

Documents for Provision of Credit Services

General corporate client crediting conditions
General crediting conditions for natural persons
General terms and conditions of guarantee issuance
General Terms and Conditions for Documentary Credit Issuance
General financing terms for multi-apartment house

Projects with BETA coordinated until 2017-10-31

Projects with BETA coordinated since 2017-11-01

General terms for factoring

Documents for Provision of Daily Services

Payment service rules
Vocabulary of definitions of the services related to payment account
General payment card usage conditions
Conditions for business service plan usage
Terms and conditions for service plan usage
General E-invoicing conditions
Conditions for Standing Credit Transfers
Electronic Service Rendering Conditions

Documents for Provision of Investment Services

Investment Service Providing Terms
General conditions of derivatives transactions

Participation policy

Participation policy

The Bank does not prepare and does not publish the Participation Policy and information on how the Participation Policy was implemented for the following reasons:

  • The part of shares of public limited companies in the Bank's securities portfolio is insignificant;
  • The part of shares owned by the Bank in any public limited company does not reach 0.5% of authorized capital;
  • The Bank's subsidiary life insurance company SB draudimas does not hold shares of public limited companies in the securities portfolio (managed by the Bank).