Discounts Paying with Mastercard


A discount applicable paying with or providing a Mastercard payment card issued by Šiaulių Bankas:

UAB "Arpolis"
5 % for kitchen furniture

Ardena UAB
7 % discount to lamps, blinds, roller blinds or other electrical installation goods

Apsaugos komanda UAB
10 % for services

20 % for goods and services

G4S Lietuva UAB
protection of  the house/flat for new customers mortgage protection  will be charged  € 0.29  for the first two months when min. service usage period comprises 24 months

Dubingiai UAB
7 % for all goods and/or services sold in the Dubingiai venues except the ordered goods (a discount is applied only to a good without a discount)

Dagris UAB
10 % for goods and services

Geoterminis šildymas UAB
10 % for Dimplex heat pumps

Iris UAB
10 % for goods and services

Minibiuras UAB
15 % for virtual office, accounting and management consultancy

Kraustymo komanda UAB
15 % for removal services

Pet safe UAB
10 % for production

Arsenalas UAB
15 %  for goods and services

Avitelos prekyba UAB
5 % for goods and services
This discount is applicable to not discounted goods.

BEST WESTERN Santakos hotel (Liuks UAB)
10 % for catering services (excluding drinks)

Single room: EUR 52 per night
Double room: EUR 60 per night

,Sveikatos oazė VŠĮ
15 % for services provided

From 3 to 10 % for goods

Baltic Ambition UAB
10 % for all presents, discounts shall not be added up

Sodo bitės UAB
10 % for discount to all lawn care works

Apatinukai UAB
10 %  for all not discounted goods buying on-line or at the trading venues

Valumina UAB
10 % for cleaning services