Bank Accounts

1. Account opening:

free of charge

2. Account management1 (excl. non-residents and PSP)2

EUR 2.50 / month

3. Assignment of Customer's representative3

3.00 EUR

4. Data verification, identifying the Customer4

400.00 EUR
5. Funds administration fee when the client does not transfer funds to other accounts after the end of the business relationship 0.05 % (min. EUR 2.50)

6. Provision of account statement:

6.1. In bank's units:

6.1.1. for a day

EUR 0.50

6.1.2. for a month

EUR 1.50

6.1.3. per quarter

EUR 3.00

6.1.4. for a year

EUR 9.00

6.2. via internet bank

free of charge for the last 5 years

6.3. via mobile app

free of charge for the last 6 months

6.4. by SWIFT-u5

EUR 1.00 per statement

6.5. Account statement of MoneyGram transactions

The fee of  account statement provision in the Bank's unit shall apply.
7. Fee for balances in EUR exceeding EUR 2 000 0006 Annual interest rate of the European Central Bank on the use of the deposit facility rate (per cent) / 360 d.

1 The commission fee is debited from the Client's Account (applicable to each Account held by the Client) regardless of the performed / not performed transactions on the last day of each month. If there are insufficient funds to debit the Commission Fee, the Bank shall debit this Commission Fee (or a part thereof) at any time later, when funds appear in any Client’s Account. The commission does not apply to securities transactions / savings / savings / deposit accounts.

2 An individual fee is applied to non-residents, the amount of which is offered to the Client before the conclusion of the Account Agreement. The Bank also has the right to demand a deposit (collateral) from the Customer for the entire period of validity of the bank account agreement.

3 The Commision fee shall apply to: (I) a natural person - for verification of the Customer's representation document at the register and / or the assignment of representative to  the Customer's account (s) management so that the representative could be provided with the information, documents, conclude transactions and other  permissible activities.

4 The commission applies to: a non-resident legal entity and a resident legal entity whose founder (shareholder) is a non-resident holding 25% or more of the assets / shares / voting rights, or to the beneficiary who is a non-resident natural person. This fee applies both at the beginning of the business relationship and during the course of the business relationship (e.g., in the event of a change of manager / beneficiary / shareholder, etc.). Data verification is performed only after payment of the Commission fee. In case the Bank decides not to open an account due to preventive reasons or the Customer due to personal reasons, the Commission fee paid by the Customer shall not be refunded.

5 The Commission fee for provision of account statements by SWIFT-u shall be debited once a month, on the first working day of for each calendar for the statements provided by SWIFT-u per month.

6 The Commission fee shall be calculated at the end of each calendar day if the amount of all bank account balances of one legal entity exceeds the limit specified in the table. The Commission fee for the last calendar month is debited by 10th day of the next calendar month in accordance with the Payment Service Rules stipulated by Šiaulių Bankas. European Central Bank CB deposit facility rate is available here.