ACGF Guarantees

For more than 16 years Šiaulių Bankas has been collaborating with the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund - a financial institution providing guarantees to the credit institutions (banks and credit unions).  Guarantees are issued to credit institutions for credits granted to the following entities:

Agricultural entities are the entities engaged in agricultural activities agricultural holding of which is registered at the Register of Agricultural and Rural Business of the Republic of Lithuania:

Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund provides guarantees to credit institutions for up to 70 per cent of none- returned portion of credit.

up to 80 per cent of notne-returned portion of credit is guaranteed for credits issued to agricultural entities engaged in agricultural activities that :

  • are young farmers (up to 40 years old),
  •  are engaged in animal husbandry if the credits are granted for purchase of industrial buildings, their construction, reconstruction and repair of production equipment and (or) for purchase of domestic animals.
  • have taken credits  to acquire  current assets or to pay for services included into the List of Agricultural Services set out in the annex of activities of the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund,
  • have insured agricultural plants.

Guarantees are provided only for those credits that are issued to finance commercially reasonable and creditable projects to agricultural entities that do not have any financial difficulties.

 Credit guarantees are provided to:

  • credits issued to finance investment projects,
  • credits and credit lines issued to acquire current or biological assets  and (or) service included into the List of Agricultural Services,
  • credits and credit lines  to acquire currents assets which they are going to transfer to other agricultural entities (to cooperative undertakings (cooperatives) only).
  1. Agricultural entity addresses Šiaulių Bankas or other credit institution with regard to credit granting and in order to discuss the credit granting terms. 
  2. The Bank addressed Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund regarding a guarantee and submits an application for guarantee granting.
  3. When the Board of the Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund makes a decision both - the Bank and agricultural entity are informed about it. Agricultural entity pays a guarantee charge and singes a credit agreement with the credit institution.
  4. Agricultural Credit Guarantee Fund provides a credit guarantee to the credit institution.
  5. Credit institution issued a credit to an agricultural entity.

More information on guarantees issued by ACGF is available at