Internal and SEPA Credit Transfers in Euro and Credit of Payments Received in Euros

  Hours Day Bank's unit Internet bank / Mobile app

1. Credit transfer from the customer's account inside Šiaulių bankas:

1.1. to the own account with Šiaulių Bankas

  D+0 2.00 EUR free of charge

1.2. to other customer's account with Šiaulių Bankas

  D+0 2.00 EUR 0.23 EUR

2. SEPA credit transfer outside the Bank

2.1.    instant1

    - 0.41 EUR

2.2.    ordinary2

16:00 D+0 2.00 EUR 0.41 EUR

2.3.    urgent3

16:00 D+0 35.00 EUR 30.00 EUR

3. Other SEPA credit transfers in Lithuania:

3.1. when a customer has no account with Šiaulių Bankas

16:00 D+0 0,2 % from the amount (min. EUR 5)4 -

3.2. a standing SEPA order

    Appropriate SEPA credit transfer fees for online banking applies

3.3. e-invoice settlement:

3.3.1. a one-time credit transfer in Šiaulių Bankas

  D+0 - 0.23 EUR

3.3.2. a one-time credit transfer to other banks registered in Lithuania

16:00 D+0 - 0.41 EUR

3.3.3. a one-time credit transfer in Šiaulių Bankas/ to other banks registered in Lithuania

    free of charge

3.4. acceptance of payments:

3.4.1. credit transfer from the client's account to service provider's account with Šiaulių Bankas

  D+0 2.00 EUR 0.23 EUR

3.4.2. credit transfer from the client's account to service provider's account with other bank registered in Lithuania

16:00 D+0 2.00 EUR 0.41 EUR

3.5. credit transfer by paying through the system Bank Link 

  D+0 - 0.23 EUR


    1.00 EUR

4. Administration of funds transferred to the customer's account (when the Customer's account is with Šiaulių Bankas, other bank in Lithuania or other  member states of European Economic Area (EEA) as well as in with the bank registered in Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino)

18:00 D+0 free of charge

5. Salary transfer

5.1. submission of salary transfer

    - 0.02 % from the transferred

5.2. execution of salary transfer inside the Bank

    - free of charge

5.3. execution  of salary transfer to bank registered in Lithuania and other European Economic Area (EEA) member as well as in Switzerland, Monaco and San Marino1

16:00 D+0 - EUR 0.41 per transaction

Instant credit transfer is a SEPA instant credit transfer, the amount of which does not exceed EUR 100 000, executed in accordance with the rules of the payment scheme operating in the European Union. Credit transfers are made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round without holidays and public holidays. Instant credit transfers are made only to those PSPs that are connected to the Instant Payment Scheme 

2 SEPA credit transfers are not executed  on Saturdays, Sundays, Easter Good Friday and on other statutory holidays.

3 Very urgent credit transfers in SEPA euros are sent to the beneficiary's bank immediately, however the actual time when funds are credited to the beneficiary's account  depends on the beneficiary's bank and, in some cases, it may take a while

4 The Customer may submit no more than 50 units of coins per one payment (Euro coins and  Euro cents are included). If the Customer submits 51 unit  or a larger amount of coins (Euro coins and Eurocents are included for execution of one payment the Bank shall be entitled not execute such a payment or upon agreement of the parties to apply a contractual fee to  a payer.

5 In addition, the client is subject to the Information System of Cash-Flow Restrictions ( abbr. PLAIS in Lithuanian)  support fee, which  shall be paid to the State Enterprise Centre of Registers, the amount and administration procedure of which are set by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania.

6. E-invoice:

6.1. E-invoice receipt via Bank's on-line banking

free of charge

6.2. submission /cancellation of request for E-invoice

free of charge

6.3. order or cancellation of automatic e-invoice payment

free of charge

7. Standing credit transfer: 

7.1. agreement conclusion in the bank's unit

free of charge