Inverse Leasing

Inverse leasing is the type of leasing where lessee sells his property to the bank and on the basis of leasing contract buys it by installments over an agreed period of the contract.

This financing method allows obtaining the necessary amount of money for your property:

In the case of inverse leasing, property seller and lessee is the same person.

Main Conditions of Inverse Leasing

Financed amount up to unlimited
Initial deposit

10 % - new property
20 % - used property

Contract period up to up to 60 months
Property age at the end of leasing contract no more than 12 years

Other conditions

In order to enter into inverse leasing contract, you must submit the technical inspection card or property manufacturer's service certificate stating that the property is in good technical condition.

If you have some unanswered questions about financing, fill in LEASING REQUEST form or come to Šiaulių bankas branch.