Prevention of Illegal Settlements in a Foreign Country

In order to protect our bank's customers from illegal usage of payment card data we have installed a security system for payment card settlements which would allow avoiding  illegal usage of payment card data in the countries where such a risk is high. 

Since 01 October 2014 transactions not supported by chip technologies*  are blocked in the following countries: 

Azerbaijan, Argentina, Bahrain, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, the Philippines, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, USA, Cambodia, Canada, China, Colombia, Cuba, Kuwait, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Panama, Peru South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

Payment card holders intending to visit any of the above mentioned countries and wishing to avoid any likely inconveniences should notify Šiaulių bankas about a planned trip in advance in a following manner at their choice:

We would like to pay your attention that after expiry of specified duration of a trip the bank shall continue blocking the transactions not supported by chip technologies and , thus, shall protect its clients' payment card data  from the possible illegal usage.

The bank's specialist will be constantly monitoring and updating the list of countries where the illegal transactions are executed most frequently and will block  payment card settlements  in these countries.  Depending on the potential risks different restrictions can  be applied in such fields as  cash withdrawals from ATMs, payment card settlements in the trading venues where it is not required  to enter a PIN or payments on the e-stores.

In case of suspicion that a payment card transaction may be illegal, payment card transactions can be blocked in the countries not mentioned above.

In case you fail paying with your payment card, please contact the Remote Call Centre at 1813 immediately and inform about it - a bank's officer in charge will be entitled to cancel restrictions applied to Your payment card.

Our  recommendations are as follows:

Transactions not supported by chip technologies*  are the transactions during which a magnetic tape is used and successful implementation. 

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