Life Insurance Safe Family

It is not possible to prevent unexpected disasters, but it is possible to insure against their financial consequences. To save your time, we have chosen the best life insurance plan for customers of Šiaulių Bankas called  "Safe Family", which will provide you not only with life insurance but also insure against injuries caused by accidents.

Advantages for Šiaulių Bankas' Customers

Premium of EUR 6.10 per month for Šiaulių Bankas‘ customers
Insurance sum: EUR 5000
Insurance premium on a monthly basis will be debited from your account in Šiaulių bankas
Insurance takes effect on the next day after payment of the first instalment.

Order life insurance "Safe Family" and for just EUR 6.1 per month you will be insured for the amount of EUR 5,000 and the insurance will take effect the day after the first payment. You will no longer have to worry about insurance premiums - they will be covered automatically from your account with Šiaulių Bankas. If the situation changes, you can terminate the policy at any time without additional conditions.

Insurance Conditions

  • Signing such life risk insurance policy a customer of Šiaulių Bankas can insure himself, his children, his spouse or partner;
  • Age of the insured – from 0 to 65;
  • At the time of concluding the policy one is provided with both - life insurance and insurance against accidents at the same time;
  • this insurance is not intended to accumulate funds for the future, it is a financial protection against the most common risks;
  • the term of the policy - not longer and not shorter than the period until the insured reaches the age of 65;
  • possibility to terminate the insurance policy at any time - without any additional conditions.

Insurance amount of accidental injury is equal to the amount of life insurance.

Insurance amount

Insurance Premium

EUR 5 000

EUR 6.10 per month

Insurance benefits are paid in the case of the following insured events:

Insured event

Insurance benefit

Death of the insured during the insurance period (insurance protection in force)

  • insurance amount selected at concluding the insurance contract
  • in the case of death in an accident: the amount is equal to twice the size of the insurance sum

Accidental injure of the insured during the insurance period (insurance protection in force)

Amount is calculated according to percentage part of insurance amount of the damage to the health using the insurance premium calculation table given in Life risk insurance Safe Family Rules

In the case of insured event, the insurance benefit is paid no later than within 30 calendar days from the date of receipt of the complete information about the event, its circumstances and consequences. Quick financial assistance is very important in the cases of disaster.

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