Contactless Payments

How to pay with a contactless card if the amount does not exceed EUR 25?

  1. Find a contactless payment symbol.
  2. Tap the card with a magnetic stripe down on the reader with the contactlees symbol (you do not need to enter the PIN).
  3. Wait until the reader beeps and the green light turns on.
  4. You'll see a note on the screen that the payment is approved.

How to pay with a contactless card if the amount exceeds EUR 25?

  1. Insert the contactless card into the reader.
  2. Follow the instructions on the reader screen, enter the PIN code.
  3. Wait until the transaction confirmation message appears and take the contactless card out.

Please note!


Are contacless payments safe?

Due to the fact that a contalcelss payment card does not need to be placed into the reader or passed to a cashier officer, the card's data cannot be read or copied imperceptibly. Contacless payment cards are equipped with the same protection from fraud as the  contact cards, also,  from time to time You may be asked to enter PIN code while executing the contacless payment in order to get assured that a settlement is made by the card's owner.

Can money be debited if I accidentally approach too close to the reader which is proceeding a contacless payment at the moment?

A contacless payment can be performed only if a distance between the card and the readers does not exceed 1- 4 cm. In order to executed a payment transaction, the card mus be closed to  the reader and kept for some time.

What must be done if the card is lost?

It must be immediately locked by dialling 1813.

Can a settlement amount be debited for several times if I accidentally touch the card on the reader more than once?

A special safeguarding technology is installed in the card which ensures that only one transaction can be performed touching the card on the reader. Even if You tap the card on the reader for several times, the amount for the same purchase will be debited only once.

Can I turn on/off a contactless payment function?

Contacless card function can be refused by notifying the bank by tel. 1813, filling a free form application on internet bank or visiting nearest customer service point.

Can I use a contactless card aborad?

The card can be used worldwide. However, we would like to draw Your attention that different countries apply different limits for contacltess settlement amunts without entering the PIN code.  E.g., in many European countries the limit  is 25 euros, in the United Kingdom - 30 pounds.

If I lose a card could it be repetitively used by another person?

After several contactless payments in a row, the PIN code  will be required in order to verify the cardholder's identity. Contallcess payments cannot exceed 10 euros , therefore, another person will be able to make one or few payments for goods. If You loose Your cards, please immediately inform us by tel. 1813 so that we could block the card and issue a new one.