How to create a new account?

1. After downloading (from Google Play or App Store shops) and running the app for the first time, push the Register button.

2. Select your country of residence. 

3. Then check your ID verification method. Select Šiaulių bankas. If you have mobile signature, select it.

4. Agree with applet settings and conditions.

5. Enter your contact data: telephone number and e-mail address, click OK. 

6. Select your usual on-line banking login method.

7. Confirm Smart-ID account creation by clicking Login.

8. Create or generate PIN codes you will need to login to on-line banking, to make transfers or to sign contracts, using other e-services of the bank.

9. In the pop-up window create your individual PIN codes.

10. Enter and remember PIN1 code. Click OK. PIN1 code is used for your identification during login to e-services.

11. Enter and remember PIN2 code. Click OK. PIN2 code is used to sign for transfers and contracts.

12. Wait for the digital key is generated, it is used for logging and signing. Key generation can take up to 15 seconds.

13. Check and confirm your personal data, enter PIN1 and PIN2 codes. Your Smart-ID account has been created.