Service Plan Maximum

FREE WITHDRAWAL OF FUNDS IN ALL ATMs IN LITHUANIA AND WORLDWIDE shall apply to the private clients of Šiaulių Bankas who use payment cards linked to the service plan Maximum.*

* Not applicable for currency exchange and ATM fees of another country.​

This plan is intended for those clients who, among other service included into the plan, usually need to withdraw more cash.  EUR 2000 can be withdrawn per month free of charge  and the number of such transactions is unlimited.

In case of any queries do not hesitate contacting us by tel. In case of any queries do not hesitate contacting us by tel. 1813 (+370 37 301 337 when calling from abroad) email or visiting customer service points of Šiaulių Bankas.


Typical Fees

Service plan "Maximum"

Monthly fee


EUR 3.20 with a debit card

EUR 4.50 with a credit card

 1.   Account management

EUR 0.70/month  (per account)

includes all accounts in Euros

 2.   Credit transfers SEPA in euro (via Bank's on-line banking /Mobile Application):

2.1.   Credit transfer to the own account with the Bank

free of charge


2.2.   Credit transfer to the other client's account with the Bank

EUR 0.23/month

2.3.   Credit transfers SEPA outside the Bank (instant, ordinary)

EUR 0.41/month

2.4.   Standing credit transfers

To other client's account - EUR 0.23;
To other banks - EUR 0.41

2.5.   E-invoice one-off credit transfers and automated settlements

To beneficiary's account with the Bank - EUR 0.23
To beneficiary's account with other bank - EUR 0.41

2.6.   Credit transfers paying via Bank Link system

EUR 0.23/month

2.7.   Payments for services

To service provider's account with the Bank - EUR 0.23;
To service provider's account with other bank - EUR 0.41

3.     Payment cards3:

3.1.   Debit card issue and servicing (Debit Mastercard)

EUR 0.70/month

No card issuance and servicing fees shall apply for 1 payment card

3.2.   Credit card issue and servicing (Mastercard Gold)

EUR 3.50/month

3.3.   Payment for a good or service with a card



4.     Placement of cash:

4.1.   At ATMs of Šiaulių Bankas



4.2.  At Perlas Finance UAB terminals

EUR 0.40  EUR 0.40

5.     Cash withdrawal

5.1.   At ATMs of Šiaulių Bankas

0,4 % (min. EUR 0.40/month)

EUR 2 000  per month free of charge2

5.2.   At ATMs of other Lithuanian and foreign banks

2 % (min. EUR 3/month)

5.3.   At UAB Perlas Finance terminals

EUR 0.60

6.     Conclusion of the on-line banking agreement and PIN code card issue

free of charge

free of charge

1 After You unlink a Payment Card from the Service Plan, a Payment Card Administration Fee specified in the applicable Service Fees shall apply.

2 In case withdrawn amount of cash exceeds EUR 2 000 per month, a fee of 2 % min.  EUR 3 from the amount exceeding EUR 2 000 shall apply.

Note. For all service plans shall apply Terms and conditions.