Repurchase Agreements (REPO)

Repurchase agreement (REPO) is the transaction under which one party, for money, transfers to other party financial assets, committing to repurchase it within the specified time limit.

This transaction is a quick and convenient way to borrow money for a certain period of time securing with the financial instruments available. For example, if you have bonds and want to keep them to maturity, but you need the money, you can enter into a repurchase transaction, i.e. borrow money from the bank, mortgaging the bonds.


The loan amount and maturity of the transaction

The loan amount depends on the pledged securities, for example, having pledged:

The maturity is up to 1 year.


On the one hand, the repurchase transaction is a pretty easy way to get credit, on the other hand, it can be a complex financial instrument linked to a higher than normal credit risk. REPO transaction risk depends on the purpose for which you are borrowing and on the kind of financial instruments pledged: government securities, bond market value generally fluctuates less than the stock market or the market of the shares the investment funds are investing in.

The risk occurs when the market value of mortgaged financial instruments goes down:

By entering into transaction using borrowed funds, you risk to lose both your own and borrowed moneys, which are still to be repaid.

Before entering into a repurchase transaction, with the help of investment adviser, you should familiarize thoroughly with transaction conditions and assess your ability to take on the risks described herein.

How REPO transactions are entered into?

  1. First of all, in any Šiaulių bankas unit you have to sign a contract for the provision of investment services and the main REPO agreement.
  2. You can make REPO transactions in the bank branches, by telephone or e-mail, specified in the Main Agreement.

Where to go?

The most convenient way is to fill this request form, and required specialist will contact you.

For more information on these transactions, conditions and rates you can call 8700 55 055 (+370 37301337 when calling from abroad).

The information contained herein is only a presentational marketing message. It cannot be regarded as an offer to buy any financial instrument, to sell it and (or) to conclude the transaction (s).

Please note that investing involves certain risks, so before making an investment decision, you have to assess that, under certain circumstances, which are independent of Šiaulių bankas AB will and action, your investment value can drop. Šiaulių bankas AB is not responsible for your decisions taken on the basis of the information contained herein.