Debit Payment Cards

  Debit Mastercard

1. Issue of payment cards

1.1. card validity

3 years1

1.2. currency of a card account


1.3. issue of a card

free of charge

2. Card services

2.1. monthly administration of a card

0.70 EUR

2.2. update of a card after its expiry

free of charge

2.3. payment card replacement upon the Customer's request  prior to the card's expiry

5.00 EUR

2.4. announcement of a payment card as invalid

free of charge

2.5. payment for a purchase and  service

free of charge

2.6. dispatch of a card by registered mail in Lithuania

free of charge

2.7. dispatch of a card by registered mail abroad

6.00 EUR

2.8. urgent dispatch of a card by registered mail abroad

60.00 EUR

2.9. urgent production of a card

25.00 EUR2 

3. Placement of cash

3.1. at the ATMs of Šiaulių bankas

free of charge

3.2. in the terminals "Perlas Finance" UAB

0.40 EUR

4. Cash withdrawal and other ATM transactions

4.1. Cash withdrawal:

4.1.1. at the ATMs of Šiaulių Bankas

0.4% (min. 0.40 EUR)

4.1.2. in the terminals "Perlas Finance" UAB

0.60 EUR

4.1.3. in the network of Lithuanian and foreign banks

2% (min. 3.00 EUR)

4.2. Other transactions at ATM3

4.2.1. card balance verification at the ATMS of Šiaulių Bankas

free of charge

4.2.2. card balance verification at the ATMS of other Lithuania and foreign banks

0.60 EUR

4.2.3. printing of 5 (five) last transactions at the ATMS of Šiaulių bankas

free of charge

4.2.4. printing of 5 (five) last transactions at the ATMS of other Lithuania and foreign banks 

0.60 EUR

4.2.5. change of  card PIN code at the ATMS of Šiaulių bankas

0.60 EUR

5. Receipt of a copy of document regarding executed transaction4

5.1. when settlement took place in Lithuania

10.00 EUR

5.2. when settlement took place abroad

15.00 EUR

6. A limit of transactions per 24 hours

6.1. cash withdrawal transactions

6.1.1. amount

1 000.00 EUR

6.1.2. number of transactions (units)


6.2. transactions of settlement for goods and services

6.2.1. amount

4 000.00 EUR

6.2.2. number of transactions (units)


6.3. Change of a  transaction limit set for 24 hours upon the Customer's request

6.00 EUR

6.4. Paros operacijų limito keitimas Banko internetinėje bankininkystėje

free of charge

7. Conditions and fees of credit limit granting5

7.1. period during which a credit limit should be covered

30 days

7.2. annual interest for a negative account balance (when a credit limit is not granted to the account)


8. Security programme (applicable to the selected card)6

0.90 EUR

9. Currency conversion fee when currency of the settlement or cash withdrawal with card does not coincide with account currency


1 Period of  validity of cards issued to incapable or capable adults who are under the care in compliance with the court decision  is 2 years.

If a Clients submit an application before 11:30 at noon on a business day, the produced card could be issued in the Bank's unit on the next business day, if the application is submitted after 11:30 at noon, the card will  be issued in tow business days

3 If such service is provided in the ATM of other banks.

4 In the event of a claim, the Commission fee shall apply if the customer's claims appear to be invalid. 

5 If indebtedness occurs on the card account in this case it is recognized that the Bank has granted a Customer of the appropriate amount of credit limit.

6 The Commission fee due for the Security programme applicable to the Card shall be deducted once a month (on the first calendar day of each months) from the Card account. The commission fee for the Security programme shall be paid for the current calendar month.

Sample of calculation of standard total annual rate on the credit price:

If you receive EUR 1000 credit limit in the payment card account, you will be subject to 14 per cent annual interest rate, credit and card use period is 36 months.

During the contract period you are subject to the following fees associated with use of the credit and the card:

In this case, during the period of use of the credit limit in the payment card, you would pay a total of:

Subject to the specified conditions, throughout the entire limit duration, credit limit in the payment card account would cost you EUR 469.40, the total payable amount, including the granted credit amount, would be EUR 1 469.40 and the total credit price annual rate 22.65 per cent. In this example, every month you should pay EUR 39.44 (this amount includes the returned credit and interest).

* The sample shows exemplary credit granting and card service fees and interest rates, which may not coincide with those specified in the service and operation rates (hereinafter referred to as Standard Rates) specified by the Bank.