Car Leasing

Whatever car you are looking for, Šiaulių Bankas is ready to help. You can conclude a leasing agreement at favourable terms by visiting one of Šiaulių Bankas branches or through our partners.

CASCO insurance - not necessary

Complete freedom of choice - after purchasing a car for up to 7,000 EUR, you may decide whether to insure it with CASCO.

Leasing with residual value

Schedule payments with your residual value and enjoy lower monthly payments.

Why is it worth?

What will be the monthly payment for the car?

Vehicle price
First deposit
Time length
Personalised offer depends from clients credit score.
Preliminary payment
0 EUR / Month

Example of annual rate of charge calculation:
If credit given amount of – 4 500 EUR, period - 60 Month, -, 160,000 Eur handling fee, 1 000,00 Eur first deposit, total credit amount totals – 4 347,16 Eur, monthly amount – 116,31 Eur, BVKKMN – 5,86%. Data provided in calculator is not obligation to give out credit..

Where to go to buy a car?

Our consultants are always ready to help you, You are welcome to:

Call us by tel. 1813