Secure Online Payments

To ensure the security of your cards online payments, we have implemented an international security tool which helps to protect you from unauthorised use of your cards. Before accepting payment for goods or services, the e-shops marked with the Mastercard Identity Check™ sign will require you to enter a SecureCode password which is known to you only and One Time Password (OTP) sent to you via SMS.

How to enable secure online payments for your card?

To enable secure online payments for your cards via internet bank select ‘Secure payments’, click on the ‘Enroll’ button and follow the further instructions. Each card must be added separately.

If necessary, disable secure online payments by clicking on the ‘Cancel’ button. 
If you do not enable secure online payments for your card, you cannot use it to make online purchases. When your card is renewed or replaced, secure online payments must be enabled again.

Is it necessary and why is it necessary?

If you do not activate secure on-line payment for your card, you will not be able to use it to make online purchases. If you do not pay with the card in the on-line shops, you may not register it with the secure on-line payment programme, but we recommend that you register all the payment cards you have, as this will help you prevent unauthorised use of your card data.

You can pay with a card at regular stores or service points, settle via internet bank or withdraw cash from ATMs, regardless of whether the card is registered in a security programme or not.

How does it work?

The secure online shopping solution Mastercard Identity Check™ ensure that your payments are authorised twice when making online purchases.

Useful information

If you do not receive an SMS, please let us know by logging in to the on-line banking site and sending us a message, calling by telephone 1813 (+370 37 301 337 when calling from abroad) or arriving at Šiaulių bankas branch of your choice.